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Not All Pods - Issue 28- DCEU

Issue 28: DCEU: Bad films? Bad rap?

In honor of the Snyder Cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max, we decided to take a look at the entire DCEU slate thus far and answer the ultimate question. Are they bad films or do they just get a bad rap.

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Not All Pods - Issue 27 - WandaVision Finale

Issue 27: WandaVision Finale Live!

Check out our live episode on the series WandaVision. We go full spoilers and take questions from those who tuned in and joined us. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported!

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Not All Pods - Issue26 - Raised by Wolves

Issue 26: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves was ummm something. This podcast is also something. Check out the latest from us!

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Not All Pods - Issue 25 - WandaVision Live

Issue 25: WandaVision Live!

We had so much fun last time, we decided to go live again! Listen to this pod where we talk about the first 3 episodes of WandaVision and go into some hair brained theories of our own!

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Not All Pods - Issue 24 - Top 10 of 2020

Issue 24: Top 10 of 2020

Happy New Year! In this episode we pick our top 10 of 2020 and make some recommendations on what to watch, read, and enjoy!

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Not All Pods - Issue 23

Issue 23: Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Live!

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale is here. Check out our Live episode and hear us talk about it!

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