Not All Pods - Issue 37 - Loki

Issue 37: Loki

By notallpods | July 28, 2021

We’re back talking Loki with full spoilers for the entire season!

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NAPWC - Issue 34 - Loki

Issue 34: Loki Live! (Episodes 1-3)

By notallpods | June 29, 2021

The podcast with glorious purpose is back talking Loki episodes 1-3. Join us for spoilers and variant branch theory as we talk all about Kang, we mean Loki!

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Not All Pods - Issue 30 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Issue 30: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Live! (with a post credits scene)

By notallpods | April 23, 2021

Check out our Live show talking The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Episodes 1-5. This episode was recorded live on April 17, 2021 and includes a special post credits scene!

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Not All Pods - Issue 27 - WandaVision Finale

Issue 27: WandaVision Finale Live!

By notallpods | March 12, 2021

Check out our live episode on the series WandaVision. We go full spoilers and take questions from those who tuned in and joined us. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported!

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Not All Pods - Issue 25 - WandaVision Live

Issue 25: WandaVision Live!

By notallpods | January 28, 2021

We had so much fun last time, we decided to go live again! Listen to this pod where we talk about the first 3 episodes of WandaVision and go into some hair brained theories of our own!

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Not All Pods - Issue 22: Wandavision

Issue 22: Wandavision Trailer

By notallpods | December 17, 2020

Wandavision is coming and we are thrilled! Check out this episode where we discuss the upcoming Disney+ series.

Note: This episode was recorded in September 2020 and some topics may seem dated at this time but please enjoy the episode.

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Issue 03: Spider-Man: Far From Home

By notallpods | July 19, 2019

Issue 3 is here! In our first ever Streaming Gems segment we discuss the Netflix Original film “I Am Mother”. We’ve seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, listen to our thoughts, and finally we wrap up with the final Netflix Marvel property in Jessica Jones Season 3. We also briefly discuss the now dead(RIP) Netflix Marvel Universe.

As always SPOILERS are afoot for Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, I Am Mother and Jessica Jones Season 3!

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Issue 02: The Eternals

By notallpods | June 20, 2019

In our latest Issue we discuss the shocking events of The Walking Dead (comic) Issues 191 & 192. Also, we take a deep dive into one of Marvels next blockbuster to be “The Eternals”! We discuss the first 7 issues of the original Eternals run by Jack “King” Kirby.

Be warned as there are massive spoilers for The Walking Dead comic Issues 191 & 192!

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Issue 01: Spider-Man

By notallpods | May 16, 2019

In our first official issue, we discuss all things Spidey! Join us as we talk about the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, the first scene from the movie and a Top 10 of Spider-Man universe characters we’d like to see in the MCU!

Be warned as there are massive Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS in this episode!

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Episode 0

By notallpods | April 20, 2019

Join Andrew Teheran (T) and Anthony Spade where in this first episode they discuss Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, and this weeks Top 10!

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